20 November 2004

The Top 10 Advertising Icons Of The Century

Well, those are the top advertising icons in the US. Here's a link to it.

But what about here in the Philippines? Who are the most well known mascots or top icons in the advertising industry? Well not in any order here are my picks:

1. Charlie Balakubak -for those born after the 70's, he was the guy in those dandruff commercials, the catchphrase was "Charling Balakubak? Excuse me...". I think the shampoo was Gard

2. Jolly Bee - The Jollibee mascot although I preferred Hetty Spaghetti. I mean, what a wonderful mascot for a kid. A screwed up girl who would put noodles on her head....

3. Mr. Clean - Bald guy, white shirt. Nuff said

4. Ronald McDonald - well, McDo is everywhere....

5. The Bebel Gum Girl - remember Hapee toothpaste?

6. The Alaska Kid - endorser for alaska evaporated milk.

7. Nino Muhlach - Remember that milk ad? "Grow tall little man"? Well, he didn't.

8. Jaworski - Timex, the tough watch.

9. The bouncing Klim ball - sundays when I was a kid, i remember the Klim commercial where you follow the bouncing ball to sing along with the commercial. I forgot the lyrics but I still remember the ball.

10. The Sarsi with Egg man - this one is a bit vague but until now whenever I see a can of Sarsi softdrink, I remember this commercial where this guy puts in a whole raw egg in the glass with Sarsi

(The top link via Tom McMahon)


Mark kindly corrected me with the Bebel Gum Girl. It was Pepsodent with Orly Mercado. But I have this distinct impression that it was Dong Puno doing the interview. Anyway, thanks Mark! Can't wait for Dec 1 when you relaunch your site!