06 May 2003


Naly Naly Spy, Kate, and Puppy are a super group tasked to save the world. They are not the most perfect group. Puppy can't fight and has the tendency to bite statues. On some occassion, he would talk to inanimate objects, specially when he gets nightmares. Kate is the big sister of Naly who advices her on problems. Kate sometimes stays at home and leaves Naly alone with Puppy on their missions. Naly is the super spy. Always saving the world. Did I mention that Puppy never sleeps because of his nightmares? Despite his problems, he always accompanies the group on missions, adding hysterics and the occasional slapstick moments.

Naly Naly Spy already has at least five movies out (soon to come out on DVD...)

1. Naly Naly Spy
2. Naly Naly Park Adventure
3. Naly Naly Sea Adventure
4. Puppy's Disaster Birthday Party
5. Puppy's Scariest Ghost Holiday

Of course, you can't find these anywhere since these are from my two daughters imagination, Lulu (8) and Gabbi (5). They have collaborated on all of the Naly Naly Spy movies and have drawn it all on paper. Now, if only I have a way of transferring it on film....