01 February 2007

Should we give Microsoft Windows Vista a chance?

Microsoft is billing Vista as making it ``easier, safer and more fun'' to use your PC. Nobody can be sure that Vista delivers on this until it's battle-tested in the real world, but early tests by millions of guinea pigs so far suggests Vista meets its goals. It's the first real makeover of Microsoft's Windows operating system for computers since Windows XP debuted in 2001...

Well, Microsoft Windows Vista is also launching here in the Philippines.. But given the price, P25,988 it's too expensive to switch to this new operating system. I doubt there'll be a rush. Specially when there's still a lot of Windows 98 computers still chugging along here in the Philippines.

As for me, Windows Vista is still far off in the horizon. I'm still more than content with my Windows XP. Microsoft Windows XP rocks big time. I haven't had a crash since I used it.

Just don't mention Windows ME to me. I still have nightmares about that.