05 May 2004


Before you vote for your favorite Presidential candidate, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your candidate's platform for education?
2. Does your candidate have a DEFINITE plan to tackle corruption? Something like a twelve step program or something?
3. What is your candidate's opinion on the the banning of distribution of condoms in health care centers?
4. Is your candidate a big government person? An administration that likes to be involved in everything about the country?
5. What is your candidate's plan for resuscitating the economy? And I mean an actual working plan.
6. What is your candidate's stand on the insurgency problem? Any definite plans to quell it?
7. What is the absolute priority of your presidential candidate? Why? How will he or she tackle it?

So, do you know the answers to the questions above? I do hope that just because you feel that you're voting the least evil means that it's the wise choice.

Until now, I don't know who to vote for president. Somehow, I have this weird feeling that my vote doesn't really count and won't affect the outcome...