06 April 2004

Student facing theft raps commits suicide - Apr. 05, 2004


"Yancy... was given the option of bringing a lawyer to the discipline committee conference to help him understand the accusation against him.

"We are dealing here with a minor," Padilla said. "That is why, together with his parents, we require the presence of a lawyer, which can even be waived if they desire."

"Our motto is better to save than condemn," he added...

My first reaction to this was that it was the family's fault. Not the school. But then, after reading the article, I changed my mind. It was the school's. To tell a boy who is accused of stealing 200 pesos, that he has to face a board and that he is given a choice to bring a lawyer...

Better to save than condemn. Yeah, just be sure the boy's saved in front of a lawyer.

A 14 year old boy! I know that the crime of stealing is serious and despite that 200 pesos is small, to tell a boy that he has to bring a lawyer is really traumatic. How'd you think he'd react? Be happy? Act like it's nothing? That's why they're called minors.

Guilty or not. Innocent or not. Kids are fragile. I wonder if Ms. Linasa, the committee chair, has children. I wonder if Director Padilla has children. It'd be amusing to see how they raise theirs if they have...