19 April 2004

grave digger

"I have been working in the litle graveyard of my home village since october 2000. It just happened. The former grave digger died. I was out of job. Most my friends say it is the perfect job for me. It is the cliche. It is not my fault. I always saw myself as someone sensitive and gifted for arts. I have always imagined my future in that area of business. Slowly, I have been changing my mind. Digging graves is an important job. I take it with a sense of mission.
...It is not difficult to imagine that being a grave digger and having a goth lifestyle gives you deep and inspiring stories. That's what I will share with you in the next few months. I hope that you will join me in the ride. Believe me, one day someone like me will dig a hole in the dirt for someone like you...

This blogger from Portugal has a most unusual job. Yup! He's a gravedigger. Go check it out. Real interesting.

"...The graveyard is all cleaned up. The sun is shining and spreading life all over the village and the surrounding fields. I hope that nobody dies while my friends are here...
grave digger